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The origins   of watermelon   come   from tropical Africa   and  it  grows abundantly   in the desert.   For the inhabitants   of   the   area   Watermelon   is a gift from   God ,  because being   a fruit rich in   water   used to   quench thirst,   so   is   a natural source   of water,   of course,   also serves   as food.   The first collection   lead   to 5000   years ago in   the Egyptian people.   In the tenth century   A.D.   the   Watermelon   very widespread   in China   so high   as to become   the   largest producer   in those days.   Later   ( in the thirteenth  century A.D. )  was introduced into   Europe   from the invasion   of the Moors .  It was   the beginning   of the Christian era   that this   wonderful fruit , made  entry into   Iitalia .
The   watermelon   ( Citrullus  lanatus ) is a  plant that belongs to   the Cucurbitaceae family   and is   an annual  plant  that   can be planted   in different   months of the year .  It has a   climbing   herbaceous stem ,  large leaves   and hairy   with   3   lobes.   It has   male and female flowers ,  fruit   massive   round or   oval with a   weighing up to   20kg .  The casing   is green and   smooth,   very   solid ,  has a number of   streaks   and spots   white or yellowish .  The fruit is   bright red   fire , full of  seeds, which   can be:   blacks ,  whites, yellows ,  while the pulp   is rich in   water to   90% and more .  Its   simple sugars   makes it   sweet and is   much   loved for its   freshness   and the fact   that it is   refreshing.
The varieties   produced  are  seed -less  and have a   size   ranging from   4kg   to 8kg .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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