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ll tomato is a perennial plant of the Solanaceae, native to Latin America, which produces berries green or red covered with a smooth skin and very durable. The plant usually grows to a height ranging from 50 cm to meter and it’s hairy on the entire stem and leaves . The tomato can be round, flattened , oval or elongated depending on the variety . Among the principal varieties , may be mentioned : the ribbed tomatoes that include Costoluto Florentine , the Pantano and Samar , the smooth round tomatoes of which the variety Ace , Monte Carlo , Sunrise and elongated tomatoes as the Maremma , the Romarzano and the San Marzano . The tomato has high antioxidant properties.

The pepper is a vegetable of the Solanaceae family , native to South America (Brazil ) . The Latin name " capsicum " is derived from capsa = box , for the particular shape of the fruit that resembles a box with just the seeds. The pepper plant is a shrub with an upright habit , and has shiny green leaves, you may submit a hair on the stem and on the underside of the leaves. It has flowers, white , single , appearing axils of leaves , one per node. Of the pepper plant is eaten the fruit , a berry quarry and fleshy green initially , but fully ripe seeds turns yellow or red , in the pulp , seeds round and crushed , but also in the placenta (the white part to ' inside) of the fruit is the " capsaicin " , an alkaloid that gives it the characteristic spicy flavor to this vegetable .

The eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is an herbaceous , erect, from 30 cm to just over a meter. Flowers large , solitary , are purple or white . The fruits are large , elongated or round , usually black , edible after cooking. The red eggplant is a plant which look similar to the eggplant for behavior but its fruit is rounded colors of deep red as a tomato , as to be mistaken for the latter . Grown mainly in Africa and Asia. The raw eggplant has a bitter taste that melts during cooking , which also makes the vegetable more digestible and enhances the flavor . On the other hand , the eggplant has the property of absorbing very good dietary fats , including the oil , allowing the preparation of dishes particularly rich and tasty . For these reasons, the eggplant is consumed preferably cooked. The normal cooking is not able to eliminate all solanine, which degrades completely at higher temperatures .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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