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Tatsoi-Mizuna-Red mustard

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The tatsoi baby leaf  belongs to the same family of the cabbage , the Brassicaceae .Has its origin in China , but the cultivation started in Japan . The leaf has a form as a teaspoon , a vivid green colour and is shiny. The little plant has a straight accretion , making a sprig of 4-5 leaves very fleshly . The tatsoi tastes like the mustard and for this reason , it may be used for salad or soup recepes .

The miztuna has clearly oriental origin and the leaf is bevelled . Its taste reminds the mustard and it may be mixed with other vegetables to make a salad or a soup , but usually it may be mixed with the fried potatos.

The red-mustard or red –giant has a straight accretion with 4-5 leaves  with an ovoid form and a red-violet colour at the tips . Its taste is very aromatic , that’s why the red-mustard is perfect for the mixed salad .
The cultivation may be with convetional method respecting the Disciplinary of "Produzione di Lotta Integrata " method .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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