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The   Sugarloaf   belonging to the species   of the " Cicaorium  intybus   L. var.   Foliosum   Bischoff "  comes from   the Asteraceae family : it is  a well-known   varieties   of chicory   leaf , also known  as the   Radicchio di   Milano .
The   Sugarloaf   is known and appreciated   especially   in Italy,   Ticino   and southern France .
The tufts   with   cylindrical shape   are   light green in color   and can weigh   up to two   pounds and   have a height of   about 30-35   cm.   The leaves ,  with   white ribs   are large,   fleshy   and very sturdy,   and   wrapped   around themselves .  Resistant   to frost.   It has a   slightly bitter taste .  This salad   contains   average values   ​​of mineral salts,   such as potassium,   and vitamins   such as   provitamin A   ( beta carotene), vitamin C  and folic acid ,  also carries   a stimulating effect   on the liver and   the bile ducts,   as well as   other types of   chicory.  
The cultivation may be with convetional method respecting the Disciplinary of "Produzione di Lotta Integrata "  and   organically method .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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