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Red Chard

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The red-chard has its oringin in the Mediterranean basin . The harvesting is arranged when the leaves are tall 5 -7 cm ( 1,97 – 2,75 inch ) . It has a fleshly tap-root , the leaves are lightly tipped and the stalk is deeply red and it’s long till to 5 cm  ( 1,97 inch ). The plants may grow-up at low temperatures , adapting themselves to different tipies of soil . The red-chard has hight quantity of vitamins and mineral salts .
The bull’s blood finds its origin in the 1840 and it spreads over thanks to its tender and sweet taste and its red-bordeaux colour  : indeed for this last reason that the bull’s blood takes its name and it’s used as an ornamental plant in the gardens . The cultivation may be with convetional method respecting the Disciplinary of "Produzione di Lotta Integrata " method .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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