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Lettuce Iceberg
Iceberg   lettuce   is a type of   lettuce   that remains   roundish ,  with a shape   similar to the   cabbage .  It was developed   in 1894   by the   Burpee   Seed    Co.   His name   comes from the way   in which it was   originally   packaged   and transported :  on crushed ice , so that  the heads   of lettuce   were like   icebergs , as noted by  the   Tanimura &   Antle   of Salinas   (California),   a   fruit and vegetable   company   that has begun to   produce this type of   lettuce   in the twenties . It’s also known as  " Brazilian".  This particular type of   lettuce   is   considered an icon   of the category , belonging  to the Composite family .  It has a   compact form ,  crunchy leaves   and   very light color ,  just   whitish   green   on the outside and   inside.   If you   consume   the leaves , either  raw   or cooked .  It tastes   very   fresh and very   delicate .
The cultivation may be with convetional method respecting the Disciplinary of "Produzione di Lotta Integrata "  and   organically method .

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All products are grown in accordance with the Provisions of "Production of Integrated Pest Management" and organically.

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