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Terramore focuses its attention on obtaining the most safe and healthy products, by using no-impacting techniques in order to value and naturally increase the healthy elements that are inside the variety of cultivations (polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins) and that decrease the bad elements (niters and pesticides). Scientific studies confirmed that niters transforms itself inside our digestive system, contributing to building proteins called nytrosammines and known to be carcinogenic. As the substance gets absorbed through vegetables, it is necessary to keep the contents low.

Terramore keeps the factors that contribute to concentrate niters in plantations under control, testing new topdressing methods. Among the tests done by Terramore in the latest years there’s a microbiologic experimentation that is about a microbial symbiosis (photosynthesis bacteria, yeast, lactic acid bacteria) that stimulates a chain biological activity related to organism living in the ground and on the trees, causing effects on nourishing elements production and on vegetative stimulation elements, lowing parasitic proliferation.


Inside the cooperative company, most of the associates does an integrated agriculture: that’s to say a low environment impact production, as it considers coordinated and rational use of each production factor in order not to use technical  vehicles, impacting on the environment and on consumer’s health.
This can be considered as a defense practice considering a drastic decrease of herbal-drugs use, doing some precautions, as:

  • Harmless herbal drugs use;

  • Use of easily denatured by biochemical ground and air action herbal drugs:

  • Useful conditions for parasitic to develop forecast, in order to sprinkle with specific herbal drugs, just in case of real infection danger, so not for precautionary aim;

  • Most resistant types use:

  • Crop rotation practice;

  • Paying attention to infected plants and removing them.

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