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Terramore cooperative company has 200 cultivated following integrated agriculture, and 20 following biological agriculture.
Referring to biological agriculture we aim to mean a farming system that considers the agricultural company a complex agro-ecosystem which needs to be respected and promoted through a combination of techniques looking for high nutritional quality food, not using chemical products and respecting both environment and customers.
Chemical products (fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides) are not being used.
Cultivation defense is done as a prevention, selecting rough and disease-resistant species and intervening with right growing techniques, such as: crop rotation (not farming the same plant consecutively, obstructing parasitic placing and using plot nourishing substances in a more rational and less intense way); hedge and trees alternation (that, beyond recreating landscape, host natural parasitic predators and act as physique barrier to possible external contamination); co-working (farming plants not matching with parasitic).
Natural fertilizers are used, such as conveniently composed manure: in biologic agriculture compost is an irreplaceable resource as a plot nourishing substance. Other composed organic substances and green manures are used, that’s to say plot incorporation for plants sowed on purpose, such as  clover and mustard.
In case of need, in order to defend cultivations it is felt the necessity to intervene with herbal and natural substances, or mineral and animal ones: plants extract (such as pyrethrum coming from an herbaceous plant), useful insects that prey on parasitic, rock flour or natural minerals (such as copper and sulfur) in order to correct both structure and plot’s chemical features or defending cultivations from cryptogam. We aim to improve the number of plots and company where biologic agriculture takes place, in order to low environmental impact on our cultivation space.


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